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Ever puzzled about the different Tesla wheel sizes and which one suits your vehicle? Tesla’s diverse range of models like Model 3, S, X, and Y all come with unique wheel measurements.

Through this article, we’ll delve deep into understanding factors like wheel size options for different Tesla models along with their specifications including offset, bolt pattern and center bore.

Let’s get rolling then to help you make an informed decision while upgrading or replacing wheels on your Teslas!

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla offers a range of wheel size options for their different models, including the Model 3, S, X, and Y.
  • The wheel sizes vary from 18 inches to 20 inches and come with different specifications like offset, bolt pattern, and center bore.
  • Choosing the right wheel size is important for performance, handling, and aesthetics of your Tesla. It can affect acceleration, braking, cornering abilities as well as enhance the overall look of your car.

Tesla Wheel Size Options for Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 offers several wheel size options, including the 18″ Aero Wheel, 19″ Sport Wheel, and the 20″ Zero G and Uberturbine Wheels.

18″ Aero Wheel

The 18″ Aero Wheel is a great choice for Tesla owners. It comes as a factory spec option on the Model 3. Each wheel measures 18×8.5″. They boast an offset of +40 and a PCD of 5X114.3.

The weight per wheel is around 29.8lbs, or about 13.52kg each. These wheels are sleek and stylish, giving your car that cool look you crave!

19″ Sport Wheel

The 19″ Sport Wheel is one of the wheel size options for Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. This wheel has a diameter of 19 inches and comes in a stylish design. It offers a great balance between performance and aesthetics.

The Sport Wheel provides improved handling and responsive driving experience. With its sleek look, it enhances the overall appearance of your Tesla car. Additionally, you can find more information about this wheel size on Wheel-Size.com, which is a helpful resource for finding tire and wheel fitment details for Tesla cars.

20″ Zero G Wheel

The 20″ Zero G Wheel is an optional wheel size for Tesla Model 3. It has a diameter of 20 inches and is designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of the car. The Zero G Wheel comes with a staggered configuration, meaning that the front wheels and rear wheels have different widths.

This setup provides better grip and handling on the road. The offset, bolt pattern, and center bore specifications may vary depending on the specific Tesla model you own. If you’re considering upgrading your Tesla’s wheels, the 20″ Zero G Wheel can be a stylish and functional choice.

20″ Uberturbine Wheel

The 20″ Uberturbine Wheel is an option available for Tesla cars, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. It features a sleek and modern design that enhances the overall look of your vehicle.

The Uberturbine wheel has a diameter of 20 inches and comes in a staggered configuration with wider rear wheels compared to the front. With its larger size, this wheel offers improved performance and handling on the road.

Its precise offset measurements ensure proper fitment and compatibility with your Tesla car. So if you’re looking to upgrade your wheels for both style and performance, the 20″ Uberturbine Wheel is definitely worth considering for your Tesla car.

Understanding Tesla Wheel Specifications

Tesla wheel specifications include size, offset, bolt pattern, and center bore. Learn more about these factors to make the right choice for your Tesla’s wheels. Read on to find out why it’s important to understand these specifications before upgrading or replacing your Tesla’s wheels.


The size of the wheels is an important consideration when choosing new ones for your Tesla car. Each Tesla model has its own specific wheel sizes and tire specifications. For example, the Tesla Model S comes with 18″ wheels and 19″ wheels, depending on the country.

The Tesla Model 3 offers a variety of options, including 18″ Aero Wheels and 19″ Sport Wheels. The Tesla Model Y has larger 20″ wheels.

It’s crucial to know the exact measurements of your current wheels before making any changes. This includes understanding factors like offset, bolt pattern, and center bore. These specifications determine how well the new wheels will fit your car and can affect its performance and handling.

To find out more about your specific model’s wheel sizes and what options are available for upgrades or replacements, you can rely on resources like Wheel-Size.com. They provide detailed information about PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter), rim sizes, offset measurements, and more.


Offset is an important specification to consider when choosing the right wheel size for your Tesla car. It determines how far the wheel sits from the hub, affecting factors like handling and appearance.

Positive offset means the wheel sits closer to the outside of the vehicle, while negative offset means it’s closer to the inside. Tesla cars typically have a positive offset to ensure proper fitment and clearance between the wheels and other components.

It’s essential to choose wheels with the correct offset for your Tesla model to maintain optimal performance and style.

Bolt pattern

The bolt pattern is an important specification to consider when choosing new wheels for your Tesla. It refers to the number of bolts and the distance between them on the wheel hub.

For example, a bolt pattern of 5×114.3 means there are 5 bolts spaced apart by 114.3 millimeters. Matching the bolt pattern of your current wheels ensures proper fitment and prevents issues with mounting new wheels onto your Tesla.

You can find information about the bolt pattern in your vehicle’s owner manual or consult resources like Wheel-Size.com for accurate measurements and compatible options for your Tesla model.

Center bore

The center bore is an important wheel specification to consider when choosing new wheels for your Tesla. It refers to the diameter of the hole in the center of the wheel that fits onto the hub of your car.

For example, the Tesla Model 3 has a center bore size of 64.1mm. It’s crucial to select wheels with a matching center bore size to ensure proper fitment and alignment. Wheel-Size.com can be a helpful resource for finding compatible wheels that match your Tesla’s center bore measurement, along with other important specifications like bolt pattern and offset.

Tesla Wheel Upgrade Options

There are several aftermarket options available for Tesla wheel upgrades, including Unplugged Performance and T Sportline.

Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance is a popular option for upgrading your Tesla wheels. They offer high-quality aftermarket wheels that are specifically designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your car.

Their wheels are available in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your Tesla Model S, 3, X, or Y. With options like the UP-03 Turbine Wheels and the UP-01 Forged Wheels, Unplugged Performance offers a range of choices to suit different preferences.

Upgrading your wheels with Unplugged Performance can improve handling and give your Tesla a unique look on the road.

T Sportline

T Sportline is a company that specializes in aftermarket wheel upgrades for Tesla cars. They offer a wide range of stylish and performance-oriented wheel options to enhance the look and feel of your Tesla.

Their wheels are designed to fit perfectly on different models like the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. T Sportline provides high-quality rims with various sizes, offsets, bolt patterns, and center bores to ensure proper fitment for your specific Tesla model.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Tesla’s wheels for better aesthetics or performance, T Sportline is a great option to consider.

Other aftermarket options

If you’re looking to upgrade your Tesla wheels, there are other aftermarket options available besides the ones offered by Tesla themselves. Companies like Unplugged Performance and T Sportline offer their own custom wheel designs for various Tesla models.

These aftermarket options can provide unique styles and finishes that can enhance the look of your car. It’s important to check the specifications and fitment guides provided by these companies to ensure that their wheels will work with your specific Tesla model.

You may also want to consider factors like weight, durability, and price when choosing an aftermarket wheel option.

Importance of Choosing the Right Wheel Size

Choosing the right wheel size for your Tesla is crucial as it can greatly impact the performance, handling, and overall aesthetics of your vehicle. Find out why selecting the perfect wheel size matters in maximizing your Tesla driving experience.


The right wheel size is important for the performance of your Tesla car. It can affect how your vehicle handles on the road and plays a role in its overall performance. Choosing the right wheel size can enhance acceleration, braking, and cornering abilities.

Additionally, it can improve the aerodynamics of your car, which can lead to better fuel efficiency. So when considering upgrading or changing your Tesla’s wheels, make sure to choose a size that aligns with your desired performance goals.


The wheel size you choose for your Tesla can have an impact on how your car handles on the road. Different wheel sizes can affect the way the car turns, accelerates, and brakes. A smaller wheel size with a thicker tire sidewall can provide a smoother ride and better shock absorption, while a larger wheel size with a thinner tire sidewall can give you more responsive handling and improved cornering abilities.

It’s important to consider your driving preferences and the type of roads you frequently drive on when selecting the right wheel size for your Tesla.


The aesthetics of your Tesla’s wheels can have a big impact on its overall look. Different wheel sizes and designs can give your car a sportier or more sophisticated appearance. For example, the 18″ Aero Wheel is a popular choice for the Model 3 and offers a sleek and clean look.

If you want something more eye-catching, the 20″ Uberturbine Wheel with its intricate design may be the way to go. Remember that choosing the right wheel size not only affects how your car looks but also how it performs and handles on the road.

So, take some time to consider what style suits your Tesla best!


In conclusion, understanding the different wheel sizes and specifications for Tesla cars is important for performance, handling, and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your wheels or simply want to know more about your options, it’s essential to choose the right wheel size that aligns with your needs and preferences.

By considering factors like offset, bolt pattern, and tire fitment information from reliable sources such as Wheel-Size.com, you can make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the perfect wheels for your Tesla car.


1. What is Tesla wheel sizes?

Tesla wheel sizes refer to the different tire and wheel options Tesla offers for their cars, including front and rear tires & wheels.

2. Do all Tesla models have the same wheel size?

No, each mode like the Model S, Model X, Model Y, Roadster and Cybertruck has unique tire and wheel fitment guide which includes varied sizes.

3. Can I know about Thread Size in Tesla Wheel Sizes?

Thread size or THD forms part of your Tesla’s wheel fit details – this essentially helps determine which wheels will properly fit on your car.

4. How does a staggered wheel configuration work on a Tesla?

In a staggered wheel configuration setup by tesla , both performance wheels are of different sizes: The front tires are smaller than those at the rear end.

5. Where can I find information on specific model’s Wheel Sizes such as ‘Tesla Model S Plaid’?

The best place to find out the correct tire &wheel sizes (like PCD Pitch Circle Diameter) for specific models like ‘Tesla Model S Plaid’ would be referring to official tesla product manuals or trusted online guides.

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