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Driving a Tesla is already a memorable experience, but finding the right phone mount can make it even more enjoyable. According to research, the “Tesla Magsafe Wireless Car Phone Mount” ranks top for Model 3 and Y owners.

This article digs deep into the best available mounts for your Tesla, comparing key features like compatibility, stability, view adjustment and designs. Excited? Let’s drive in!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tesla Phone Mount

When choosing a Tesla phone mount, it is important to consider factors such as the compatibility with your specific Tesla model, ease of installation, secure and stable mounting, and adjustable viewing angles.

Compatibility with Tesla Model

Many Tesla phone mounts flawlessly integrate with the central touch screen of Model 3, X, Y and S vehicles, making vehicle compatibility a crucial factor in phone mount selection. Take for example the OQTIQ magnetic phone mount that’s tailored to fit snugly in your Tesla Model 3 or Y without obstructing your view.

Equally important is case compatibility. All phones from iPhone 14 to its sibling series – iPhone 13 and 12 are compatible with these mounts regardless of whether they’re used without a case or with an official MagSafe case.

These features make Tesla-specific mounts popular choices among Tesla owners ensuring firm grip and smooth use while on move.

Ease of Installation

Mounting your phone in a Tesla vehicle should not feel like rocket science. The convenience of installation is an essential factor to consider. A Tesla phone mount that is easy to install ensures quick and effortless setup, saving you from unnecessary stress and wasted time.

The ideal mount will slot into place without the need for any specialized tools or intensive labor.

Adjustable angles and positions are key features that enhance the ease of installation. This flexibility allows you to set up your device in a way that provides optimal visibility and accessibility while driving.

Phone mounts specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y often offer such customizability, making them an even more attractive option for Tesla owners looking for an easily installed solution.

Secure and Stable Mounting

A secure and stable mounting system is a vital part of any top-tier Tesla phone mount. You’ll want to look for an option that uses high-grade materials, as these contribute significantly to the overall durability and stability of the holder.

Adjustable mounts are particularly useful as they can smoothly accommodate various phone sizes, ensuring you always have a perfect fit for your device. Importantly, search for mounts with robust construction capable of easily handling road vibrations and bumps without damaging your phone or losing its grip.

The quality and design features essentially guarantee absolute protection for your cell phone while providing you long-lasting service on all your drives.

Adjustable Viewing Angles

With adjustable viewing angles, you can position your phone in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you while driving your Tesla. These angles help prevent glare and ensure optimal visibility of your phone screen, allowing you to easily read directions or control your music without straining your neck or eyes.

Some Tesla phone mounts even offer telescoping arms that allow you to fine-tune the angle to perfection. By having control over the viewing angle, you can enhance your overall driving experience and use your phone safely and conveniently on the go.

The KESTERRA Tesla phone mount is specifically designed for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S owners and offers adjustable viewing angles to meet all of your needs.

Top Tesla Phone Mount Options

Quick Recommendation

Take a quick recommendation and browse through the product list, or simply scroll down for comprehensive reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NamePriceMounting TypeCompatible DevicesSpecial FeaturesWeight
Topfit Monitor Fixed Clip Mount$38.99DisplaySmartphonesHeavy Duty Protection1.5 pounds
MagBak Phone Mount & Charger$12.99Vent MountSmartwatchesAdjustable,Magnetic,Wireless5.6 ounces
ThinSGO Cellphone MountDashboardSmartphones, Monitors
JOWUA 480° Phone Mount$26.57DashboardSmartphones
Ciencimy Tesla Phone Mount$19.90Air Vent of Tesla Model 3/Y (2019-2023)SmartphonesDesign for Tesla Model 3/Y (2019-2023), Work for ALL Phones, 3 Year Warranty, One-hand Operation, Strong N52 Magnets, Easy to Install, 360° Rotation, Won’t Affect Phone‘s Wireless Charging & Signal4.9 ounces

1. Topfit Monitor Fixed Clip Mount

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Convenient and secure phone mount for Tesla Model 3 & Y.


  • Heavy duty protection for smartphones
  • Mounts securely to displays
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Manufactured by Topfit, a reputable brand
  • Sleek black color
  • Easy installation and adjustable positioning.

If you’re a Tesla Model 3 or Y owner looking for a sleek and functional phone holder, the Topfit Monitor Fixed Clip Mount emerges as the number one choice. Seamless integration with your vehicle’s design is not its only merit; this product offers much more. It has dual functionality, serving as both a phone mount and sunglasses case. With our favorite upgrade being the noise reduction feature – it ensures smooth operation even on pot-holed roads for an uninterrupted riding experience.

The high-quality rubber silica gel construction of the mount deserves special mention as well. After multiple experiments and studies, this material was chosen to provide optimal protection for your cell phone while eliminating unnecessary noise- making it unobtrusive to your driving experience. The Topfit Monitor Fixed Clip Mount stands out in delivering convenience without compromising safety- making it an essential part of any Tesla Accessories collection.

Our pick for No.1 product was driven by several factors: enhanced usability, upgraded design benefits like noise reduction, quality materials used to ensure durability and device protection alongside its multipurpose utility (as Phone Holder Stand & Sunglasses case). When evaluated against these decision-making parameters that typical car owners value greatly, Topfit clearly came out on top! It’s designed specifically with Tesla models 3 & Y in mind hence guaranteeing compatibility while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. From experts’ perspective who’ve tried various options available in the market; none matched up to what Topfit delivers – underscoring why it earned our top spot!


  • Portable and convenient phone holder designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Y
  • Upgraded design eliminates noise, even on rough roads
  • High – quality rubber silica gel scaffold protects the cell phone and ensures no noise is produced
  • Fixed clip mount fits all Tesla Model 3 and Y monitors, providing a secure hold during driving.


  • Limited compatibility with only Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • The design may not be aesthetically pleasing to all users
  • May not securely hold larger or heavier phones in place

This product is perfect for tech-savvy, Tesla Model 3 & Y owners who appreciate convenience and safety while driving. Get ready to experience a smooth ride with the Topfit Monitor Fixed Clip Mount!

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2. MagBak Phone Mount & Charger

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate hands-free charging for iPhone users on the road.


  • Adjustable and magnetic phone mount for easy and secure placement in your car
  • Wireless charging capability for convenient charging on the go
  • Compatible with iPhones and smartwatches for versatile use
  • Vent mount design for easy installation and positioning in your vehicle
  • Supports USB Type C and MagSafe connectors for diverse device compatibility
  • Sleek light black color adds a touch of style to your car’s interior.

MagBak Phone Mount & Charger is an innovative solution that blends convenience and technology, making it a perfect companion for Tesla car owners. It comes with a magnetic wireless car charger, an air vent clamp, USB Car Charger, USB–Type C Cable and user manual. The design incorporates multi-protection features including over-charging, over-heating, short-circuit protection and foreign object detection providing optimum safety to your device while charging.

This product shines in its state-of-the-art 360° adjustable phone mount function. Thanks to its Twist-lock design that caters to every model of cars without compromising stability–even on rough roads! Moms running late can easily flip their route direction from portrait to landscape view one-handedly as they rush through kids’ school traffic in the morning.

The robust 15W magnetic fast charging component is designed specifically for iPhone13 series providing 20% faster charging experience than standard wireless chargers. Allowing users like John – who travel extensively for work – only requires 2.5 hours of drive time from LA to San Diego before his iPhone is fully charged! We’ve ranked this magnificent invention No.2 mainly because of the added value it brings apart from basic charging; nevertheless the MagSafe case recommendation on rough terrains could be viewed as limiting by some users who prefer minimal phone accessories.


  • Convenient and safe wireless charging for iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Plus/14/13/12
  • Secure and stable phone mount with 360° adjustable rotation
  • Fast 15W magnetic charging for quick power – ups on the go
  • Compatible with MagSafe charger and official MagSafe cases


  • Limited compatibility: The MagBak Phone Mount & Charger is specifically designed for iPhone 13 series and requires the use of MagSafe cases. It may not be compatible with other phone models or non-MagSafe cases.
  • Limited mounting options: This product only supports air vent clamp installation, which may not be suitable for all car models or preferred by all users. Other mounting options like dashboard or windshield mounts are not available.
  • No included power adapter: While a USB Car Charger is included in the package, there is no separate power adapter provided. Users will need to have their own USB power adapter to connect the charger to a power source.

This product is ideal for safety-meticulous drivers who want to remain hands-free while charging their iPhones. With its multi-protection design, 360° adjustable mount and 15W fast charging, the MagBak Phone Mount & Charger will keep your devices safe as you drive. Get it now and start enjoying a safer driving experience!

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3. ThinSGO Cellphone Mount

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate convenience: Secure your phone and store small items effortlessly.


  • Dashboard mounting type for easy and convenient access to your cellphone while driving.
  • Compatible with phone models ranging from 5.5 to 7.1 inches, accommodating a wide range of smartphones.
  • Can also be used with monitors, making it versatile and multipurpose.
  • Three color options available – choose the one that suits your style.
  • Silent phone mount ensures a noise – free experience while using your device on the go.
  • From the trusted brand ThinSGO, ensuring quality and reliability.

The ThinSGO Cellphone Mount is a stellar product designed to provide seamless convenience for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners. This unique mount is customized specifically for these models, snapping neatly into the monitor with a plastic cover. As an accessory that holds your smartphone, it’s remarkable in terms of compatibility – securing smartphones ranging from 5.5 inches to 7.1 inches with ease.

Constructed using flexible silicone material, the ThinSGO Mount ensures your phone remains stable during drives, reducing noise usually associated with shaking mounts. But this mount doesn’t just stop at holding phones – it also doubles as an organizer for sundries like glasses, cards or coins thanks to its innovative design.

Choosing the ThinSGO Cellphone Mount as our No.3 pick was based on its multi-functionality and specific custom-fit for Tesla Models 3/Y which offers drivers added practicality while maintaining aesthetic appeal of their car interior. The combination of superior design features makes this a standout product worth consideration by any Tesla owner looking to enhance their driving experience.


  • Adjustable for left or right placement
  • Doubles as a organizer for other small items
  • No shaking or noisy distractions while driving
  • Compatible with smartphones ranging from 5.5 to 7.1 inches


  • Limited compatibility for smaller smartphones below 5.5 inches
  • May not securely hold larger smartphones above 7.1 inches
  • The plastic cover may not fit snugly on the monitor, potentially causing it to come loose during driving

This ThinSGO Cellphone Mount is perfect for any Tesla Model 3 or Y driver looking to secure their smartphone and store small items as they drive. Get one today and make your Tesla driving experience easier than ever!

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4. JOWUA 480° Phone Mount

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate Phone Mount for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y


  • 480° rotation: The phone mount can be rotated a full 480 degrees, allowing for easy adjustment and viewing from any angle.
  • Dashboard mounting: The mount is designed to be securely attached to the dashboard of your car, providing a stable and convenient location for your phone.
  • Compatibility with popular models: The mount is compatible with various Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models, ensuring that it can accommodate a wide range of smartphones.
  • Easy installation: The mount can be easily installed on your dashboard without requiring any tools or complicated setup processes.
  • Sleek black design: The mount features a sleek black color that matches well with any car interior, adding a touch of style to your driving experience.
  • Secure hold: The Jowua phone mount securely holds your smartphone in place, preventing it from slipping or falling while you drive.

The JOWUA 480° Phone Mount makes the perfect tech companion for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners. This mount is intricately designed to fit seamlessly onto the touchscreen of your vehicle, providing a stable platform for your smartphone. What sets this phone mount apart from others on the market is its patented 480-degree rotation capability, combined with an innovative silicone roller design that offers a versatile range of motion. An additional 120-degree adjustable hinge further enhances position flexibility, ensuring you can view your device at just about any angle.

The standout feature lies in its universal compatibility; supporting devices between 4.7-6.5 inches including iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro means almost every smartphone owner can take advantage of this mount’s functionality. Further elevating user experience are the adjustable clamps; simply press both clamps to adjust their size and accommodate varying phone dimensions – releasing them is as easy as pressing one button on top of the unit.

This product doesn’t compromise when it comes to sturdiness either – boasting an ultra-sticky adhesive suction cup that firmly grips your device without leaving residues behind after removal or washing it off after use adds to its durability,saving you time and effort maintaining it over longer periods partially due to JOWUA Inc.’s remarkable customer service offering an extended warranty up too four years or till you clock-in a hundred-thousand miles with your precious ride!


  • Extended 4 – year or 100,000 miles warranty for added peace of mind
  • Ultra sticky adhesive and washable suction cup for secure and residue – free mounting
  • Adjustable clamps to fit all mobile devices, compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max and other smartphones
  • Patented 480° rotation and innovative silicone roller design for easy one – handed operation and ideal viewing angles tailored specifically for Tesla Model Y & Model 3.


  • Limited compatibility with smartphones outside of the 4.7 – 6.5” range
  • Suction cup may lose adhesion over time and require frequent washing
  • One – handed operation may be difficult for users with larger hands or limited dexterity

This product is ideal for the organized and tech-savvy Tesla Model 3 & Model Y driver who wants an easy and secure way to access their smartphone while driving. Get JOWUA 480° Phone Mount now, and enjoy a worry-free ride!

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5. Ciencimy Tesla Phone Mount

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Effortless installation and hassle-free phone access for Tesla drivers.


  • Designed specifically for Tesla Model 3/Y (2019 – 2023)
  • Compatible with all phone models including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
  • Strong N52 magnets for secure attachment
  • 360° rotation for easy viewing angle adjustment
  • Does not interfere with wireless charging or signal reception
  • Comes with a 3 – year warranty for peace of mind

The Ciencimy Tesla Phone Mount is a must-have accessory for any Tesla Model 3 or Model Y owner. Designed specifically for these models, the mount features an innovative “SIX HOOK” design that ensures a secure and stable fit to your car’s air vent, eliminating worries about it falling off while driving. Installation is effortless: just open the switch, place the hooks against the air outlet blades and press the switch button. Not only does this design provide convenience in cleaning your dashboard, it also eliminates potential damages to your elegant wood panel.

One of its standout features is surely its compatibility with all phones due to its “O” Metal Ring system which you can affix on the back of any phone or case, ensuring it works as seamlessly as recent iPhone models do with MagSafe technology. Enhanced by powerful built-in 18 * N52 permanent magnets, this holder guarantees stable hold even on bumpy roads without blocking wireless charging function or signal quality – making navigating and taking calls safer and more convenient than ever before! The mount’s strong magnetic attraction lends itself beautifully to quick attachment – providing a seamless “Snap and Go” experience that caters especially well for those always in a hurry.

With consideration made towards preserving aesthetics alongside functionality – soft anti-skid silicone pads ensure zero damage risk–Ciencimy truly knows what their customers value most. Coupled with a generous 36-month warranty offer reaffirming their dedication towards customer satisfaction – investing in this easy install magnetic phone holder compatible with MagSafe iPhone14/13/12 Pro Max Plus Mini seems distinctly like making life simply less complicated.


  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Works for All Phones and Cases
  • Powerful Magnetic Force


  • No wireless charging feature
  • Only compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • Magnetic attachment may interfere with the use of certain phone cases

This Ciencimy Tesla Phone Mount is perfect for a tech-savvy driver who owns a 2019-2023 Tesla Model 3 Model Y and loves their iPhone. With strong magnets and an intuitive design, this phone mount easily attaches to the car’s air vent blades so you can drive safely and enjoy convenient access to your phone – no adhesive or complicated installation required! Crafted with both convenience and security in mind, it’s time to upgrade your vehicle with this must-have magnetic phone holder – order now!

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Key Features and Benefits of Each Phone Mount

Each of the top Tesla phone mounts offers unique features and benefits, such as integration with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, convenient charging options, sturdy mounting, 360-degree rotation for flexible viewing angles, and sleek designs.

Integration with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The phone mounts listed in this article are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Each mount is built to complement the sleek design and advanced technology of these vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit.

With features like concealed mounting, customizable screen rotation, and central touch screen compatibility, these phone mounts offer a convenient and stylish solution for keeping your smartphone within easy reach while driving.

Additionally, some mounts even provide wireless charging options for added convenience on the road. You can trust that these phone mounts will securely hold your device in place while you enjoy a smooth and safe ride in your Tesla.

Convenient charging options

Charging your phone while driving in your Tesla is made easy with the convenient charging options provided by these top phone mounts. Many of them offer wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to simply place your phone on the mount and watch it power up as you drive.

This eliminates the need for messy cables and keeps your car’s interior clutter-free. Additionally, some mounts also come with built-in USB ports or adapters that can be connected to your car’s charging system, providing an alternative option for keeping your phone charged during longer drives.

With these convenient charging options, you can seamlessly integrate technology into your Tesla driving experience.

Sturdy and reliable mounting

Ciencimy Tesla Phone Mount offers sturdy and reliable mounting, ensuring your phone stays securely in place while you drive. With its robust construction and high-quality materials, this phone mount is designed for long-lasting durability.

It integrates seamlessly with Tesla’s design philosophy, providing a sleek and stylish look that complements your car’s interior. Whether you’re navigating through city streets or cruising on the highway, you can trust Ciencimy to keep your phone steady and within easy reach.

Say goodbye to wobbly mounts and hello to a secure driving experience.

AINOPE Tesla Phone Mount Holder is another excellent option for those seeking reliable mounting. Its strong adhesive can withstand extreme temperatures and sun exposure without weakening, guaranteeing long-lasting reliability over time.

This means that no matter how hot it gets outside or how long your trips are, AINOPE will keep holding your phone securely in place throughout the journey. Its sturdy construction ensures stability even on bumpy roads, so you can focus on driving with confidence knowing that your phone is safe.

360-degree rotation for flexible viewing angles

The best Tesla phone mounts on the market offer 360-degree rotation, allowing for flexible viewing angles. With this feature, you can easily adjust your phone to find the most comfortable and convenient viewing position.

Whether you want to check GPS directions, view incoming calls or access music playlists, a mount that offers versatile rotation capabilities ensures effortless adjustments and seamless positioning of your phone.

Enjoy high stability during use as you smoothly rotate your device for optimal visibility inside your Tesla car.

Sleek and stylish design

The phone mounts recommended for your Tesla are not only functional but also visually appealing, with a sleek and stylish design. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic of Tesla vehicles, these mounts enhance the visual appeal of your car while providing a secure hold for your phone.

With their streamlined and fashionable design, they add an extra touch of sophistication to your driving experience. Upgrade the look and feel of your Tesla with these sleek and stylish phone mounts.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Tesla car owners have been actively sharing their experiences with different phone mounts, providing valuable insights and recommendations. According to customer reviews, the LISEN Tesla Phone Mount Holder is highly recommended for its strong adhesive that ensures a secure grip.

Customers appreciate that it utilizes Nano-grade honeycomb adhesive, which offers superior adherence compared to common adhesives. The New York Times also conducted extensive research on car phone mounts and reviewed over 50 options, providing unbiased ratings from experts.

When it comes to magnetic phone mounts, customers are searching for the strongest option available. They value a mount that can securely hold their phones even during bumpy rides. Furthermore, universal cell phone holders for vehicles are in high demand among Tesla owners who prefer a versatile solution that works across multiple models.

Additionally, there is a growing interest in vent-mounted phone holders and ones designed specifically for car cup holders. These alternatives provide convenient placements within easy reach while driving.

Based on customer reviews and recommendations gathered thus far, it’s clear that Tesla owners prioritize durability, ease of use, and compatibility with their specific model when choosing a phone mount for their cars.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best Tesla phone mount, there are a few key factors to consider. Compatibility with your specific Tesla model, ease of installation, secure and stable mounting, and adjustable viewing angles are all important features to look for.

Based on these criteria, our top recommendations would be the Topfit Monitor Fixed Clip Mount for its heavy-duty protection and easy installation, as well as the MagBak Phone Mount & Charger for its adjustable magnetic design and wireless charging capability.

With these options, you can conveniently keep your phone within reach while driving in style.


1. Will a phone mount fit in my Tesla car?

Yes, there are phone mounts specifically designed for Tesla cars that will securely hold your phone.

2. Can I easily install a phone mount in my Tesla car?

Yes, most Tesla phone mounts can be easily installed without any tools or permanent modifications to your car.

3. Is it safe to use a phone mount while driving?

Using a properly installed and positioned phone mount allows you to safely access navigation or other features on your phone without taking your hands off the wheel.

4. What types of phones are compatible with the best Tesla phone mounts?

The best Tesla phone mounts are usually adjustable and can accommodate various smartphone models, including iPhone and Android devices.

5. Are there any additional features to consider when choosing the best Tesla phone mount?

Some options may include wireless charging capabilities, adjustable viewing angles, or extra stability features for bumpy roads.

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